The Lakefront's boundaries are Lakeshore Dr. (Lake Pontchartrain) to the North, Bayou Saint John to the East, Robert E. Lee Blvd. to the South, and the start of Lakeshore Dr. (where West End Blvd. meets) to the West.


New Orleanians’ efforts to expand and develop the Milneberg area of its northern edge (Lakefront) began at the end of the eighteenth century but did not reach full realization until the middle of the twentieth century. Though established as a destination for the traveling elite, the area quickly transitioned into a wide-open community with recreational opportunities for all strata of New Orleans' society. By the middle of the twentieth century, governmental and private developers worked together to create an amusement park, four mixed-income neighborhoods, numerous institutional properties, and public parks on the new lakefront. The history of this development traces the interplay of public and private forces on decisions of land use and urban planning.