For some real estate comes easy and naturally. That is the case for Kim Reboul. Kim is one of the many fun and vibrant agents that make up the MBell Team. She fits seamlessly into the group of agents in the office that are laid back and share a deep camaraderie. She as has an ease and knack for helping her clients find their perfect home. She can read easily on a client's expression whether they truly love a property or are settling, and finding one a client loves makes everything about the real estate transaction run so much smoother.

Prior to working in real estate Kim spent years working in the corporate world in sale manager positions for companies such as Phillip Morris. Her path on the corporate ladder led her to move away from her hometown her in New Orleans for a while, taking on new positions and adventures in various different cities. Due to her consistent relocations Kim found herself buying and selling properties, more often representing herself throughout the transaction processes. Once she had returned to the New Orleans area by her later twenties she had already bought five properties and sold three of them. This led to friends often seeking her out for advice on the process of buying or selling a home. She also grew up with her family owning several properties and managing several housing units. With so many seeking her advice, her personal experience in the housing transaction process, and her family history with property transactions; it only made sense for Kim to seek out earning her license.

Once Kim entered in the real estate business she found herself at Mirambell Realty because she loved that it was small and locally owned. After years in the corporate world she wanted to be a part of a company that was smaller and more centrally run.

One of the things that Kim loves most about working in real estate is getting to interact with people that are new to the city. After spending so many years away from the city she was raised in, it made her appreciate all that there is to love about New Orleans even more. So even though she loves helping friends and family with their real estate needs, there is something extra special about getting to help people new to this city fall in love with her hometown and finding them the perfect place to call home.

Outside of work, Kim keeps herself quite busy with her family. Kim is the proud mother of sweet little boy. She loves to travel and take her son to see new places. She is an avid Disney lover and tries to make a yearly trip to the happiest place on earth. She also loves to cook and get involved in adult sport leagues playing softball. She is currently in the process of building her families' home and is often busy working with builders. She loves the architecture of mid-century modern designers like Frank Loyd Wright and its likely that modern and sleek line style will find its way into her new home. 

The bright and bold spirit of our agent Kim Reboul is hard to miss in any room she enters. Kim has one of those truly infectious personalities that makes her a friend to all and easily connects with anyone in a room.